Bike - 15 Miles

The bikes will not cross Route 1. You will exit transition area and State Park and take a left unto Route 1 and stay in the closed lane of the Northbound Lane. You will be separated from oncoming traffic with cones, but you must pay close attention to the road and all motorists to ensure they are heeding traffic laws. Do not at any point go out of the cones to make a lane pass. If you must pass, pass on the left within the lane.

Bikes will go over Route 1 and make a u-turn by Pelican’s Pouch in North Bethany (across from Sussex Shores Water Tower). Bikes will then return in the right shoulder of the road.

Safety precautions: There will be cones coming from most side streets directing cars to the inner Northbound lane. Use caution negotiating around these cones. There will be plenty of room. Be aware of other cyclists and motorists at all times. There will be neoprene mats over the grates on the bridge.

You will be asked to slow down after you enter back into the State Park and round the Tower.

There will a short contraflow of traffic near uturn to make for a safe turning radius.

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Race Registrations are non-transferable.